Simple Content Management

If you can use Internet Banking, you can use our Content Management System...

YourSite uses a simple administration panel that is accessed through any browser.

Simply login and you can update the content of any page, add a new page or remove an old page whenever you need to.

A simple click of the update button and your website is up to date.

The admin panel allows you to upload images, add image galleries, add events to your event calendar and update your latest news.

If you have added on any of our optional extras, you can also use the admin panel to edit and send newsletters, check on orders and payments, or manage bookings.

What is Website Management?

A Website Management System is designed to help manage the content of a website.

This type of system can also be known as a Content Management System (or CMS).

Typically it allows one or more people to work on the content of a website without them needing to know HTML or use programs like Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

All you need to do is log in to the admin page for your website, select the page you need to work on, or add a new page, and begin editing.

Add your text and images. Click on the Update button, and the changes are there. No need to use FTP - it's as easy as filling in an online form!