Online Newsletter

Online newsletters keep customers informed and in touch with the company.

If you don't have an online newsletter, publishing one is probably the simplest action you can take to improve your Internet presence.

YourSite offers your customers the choice of receiving a HTML formatted or "plain text" newsletter, and you also have the option of archiving your newsletters and making them available on your website. When you "publish" your newsletter, a copy is emailed to all of your subscibers in their preferred format.

YourSite Online Newsletters can be customised to match your website, including logo and colour schemes, and images.

The YourSite Newsletter uses an "opt in" approach. Subscribers enter their email address and then have to validate the address after receiving a link to click in their email (subscribe to our newsletter to see how this works). This prevents your list being abused with fake sign-ups and makes sure your readers really want to receive the newsletter.

If you are planning to send email newsletters to your customers or subscribers, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the Spam Act, and your obligations under Australian law.

Our Top Tips for your Online Newsletter

  1. Match the design of your newsletter to the design of your website. Consistent branding is important, and leads to  better company recognition.
  2. Set yourself a goal for the number of newsletters you will send - perhaps once a month, or every 2 months is a realistic target.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time to collect content and put the newsletter together.
  4. Don't make your newsletter too long. Try some short introductory text with links back to the main content on your website.
  5. Include a couple of small images to brighten up your newsletter.
  6. Keep archived versions of your newsletters available through the News page of your website.