Frequently Asked Questions

So... What *exactly* is YourSite?
OK... So what is a 'Content Manag
Is YourSite easy to use?
What is HTML? And do I need to kn
What about CSS?
I already have a website, can it
Q.  So... What *exactly* is YourSite?   
YourSite is a Content Management System.

Q.  OK... So what is a 'Content Manag   
A Content Managment System or 'CMS' will make the job of maintaining and managing your website much, much simpler than trying to do it with a html editor and FTP.
Q.  Is YourSite easy to use?   
We think so and so do our clients. In fact every time we show it off to people they are genuinely surprised at how comprehensive the system is yet it is still intuitive and easy to use.

Seriously, even my Mum can work with it.
Q.  What is HTML? And do I need to kn   
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. in its simplest form it is the way text is "marked up" so that browsers can format it nicely with bold and underline and different colours like red blue and purple. It can also be used to format headings and lists and paragraphs etc etc etc...
Q.  What about CSS?   
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and if you are not 'into' the design side of the web then you probably don't want to know anything more than they are the preferred method by which 'styles' (read: colour, font, border, underline, etc etc) are applied to content.

Your web designer will set this up for you as part of the design process or we will sort it out as part of the build.
Q.  I already have a website, can it   
The simple answer is 'yes' but as with all things the devil is in the detail. But ... we have done this on a number of occasions in the past and the process is generally quite painless.

Please Contact Us to learn more or if you would like us to have a look at your existing site.