Google Maps

Interactive maps - We Love Them!

Google Maps are awesome! We like them so much that we built a set of drawing tools that let you illustrate your maps with points, lines and polygons.

Here is a toy example that we put together:

We even have one on our Contact Us page...

The map tool provides lots of customisation, not only in terms of illustration but also in terms of the features provided by Google that can be turned on and off. Here is a bit of a list of what is available:

  • Map Size - make your map as big or as small as you like
  • Mouse Wheel 'Zoom' - turn it on or off
  • Hide Map Controls - all those extra bits that clutter things up can be hidden until the mouse is hovered over the map
  • Map Type Control - allows different types of display to be selected including 'Map', 'Satellite' and 'Hybrid' - you can turn it on or off
  • 'small' map panning tool - turn it on or off
  • Plus quite a few more...

Of course you should Contact Us for more details about YourSite and Google Maps.