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Free Mobile Web Landing Pages

for YourSite clients

We have received a lot of questions regarding 'mobile' web strategies recently and in response to this we have created a standard landing page for mobile browsers that we are now installing for all YourSite clients.

To see this in action, point your mobile phone browser to and you should find that you are redirected automatically to If you are NOT redirected then please let us know as it may be that our browser 'sniffer' does not recognise your phone.

The landing page will extract your existing contact information from the database including phone number, email address and street address plus a link to Google Maps for your address if you have added one. Your logo will also be picked up from your existing website configuration if you have one. The image to the right gives you an idea of what the landing page will look like.

In general your mobile site URL will be your domain name with an 'm' prefix instead of the usual 'www'.

And the best thing is that there is nothing for you to do. As long as your contact information is up to date in the Site Config page of the CMS then it should all just work...

Actually, the VERY best thing is that there is no cost to you for this new and valuable addition to your website. Seriously... Nothing. Nada.

Visit YourSite Landing Pages for Mobile Devices for more information on mobile landing pages and to explore the options that exist for expanding your mobile web presence.

Checkout our mobile landing page here. - yes, our mobile landing pages work with 'normal' browsers too...